IVR System for Small Business The Easiest Way to Use IVR

Build your own auto attendant, self-service, smart call routing, and more with our flexible, intelligent IVR solutions.

Why Your Business Needs Go2Market’s Cloud IVR Solution

Handle Call Volume

Do you get a large volume of calls? Our IVR solution helps you to handle the high call volume. You don’t need to worry about losing leads. Just sit back and relax. Let the IVR handle your calls.

Create a Personalized Experience

Greet your callers by their names. Record as many greeting messages as you need and keep swapping them. Give your customers's fresh and unique feel every time they call. Direct them to relevant agent/team.

Build a Professional Brand Image

IVR helps you to improve your professional image and creating different departments will heighten your brand image among your customers.

Improve Customer Service

IVR makes it easy to solve your customers’ queries. Let them divert to the concerned department in the first attempt. Give your customers a hassle-free experience and build trust.

Improve Your Team Productivity

The goal of IVR is to reduce agent handled call volume – by increasing self-service success and by routing more calls to the right team or department. It will improve your agents’ efficiency.

Cost Effective

You don’t have to spend much. We offer affordable plans to SMBs. No hidden cost or extra money. Just choose the plan which suits best.

Intelligent Conversations

NLP drives conversational IVR

Replace DTMF inputs with human speech. Our IVR has Natural language Recognition and Natutal language Processing that enables your caller to converse feely with our IVR system.

Our Hosted IVR Solution Has Powerful Plug and Play Features

Customize IVR Flow

Define the call flow on the user-friendly web-based panel through simple drag and drop. You can customize your IVR flow in real-time.

Multi-level IVR Systems

Let your customers decide who they would like to speak to without any manual intervention. Receive calls on unlimited extensions anywhere in the world at any time.

Smart Call Routing

Define the Call routing based on the skill level, event, department, and time-based or any other business need. Call routing can help priorities the calls and route to the right person.

Real Time Analytics and Report

Our powerful dashboard helps you understand what is happening to your business calls in real time. You can check and download all the current and previous calls statistics.

Call Recording

You can easily Check (and download) all your incoming and outgoing conversations any time. And store these for future use and you may delete these at any time.

CRM Integration

Integrate our API with your favorite CRM tool. An integrated view of your clients, sales, and marketing efforts. Engage with your customers right from lead to after sales support.

Sticky Agents

Our Sticky agent feature allows the caller to be automatically connected to the same person who knows the customer recent history. It will help to improve customer experience.

Email and SMS Notifications

Never miss a business lead, get end to end call tracking through SMS and email notifications. Get detailed call reports via email.

Transform calls with modern IVR features

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