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Supercharge your sales with instant lead alerts, auto-personalised content, interest tracking, easy follow-ups & lead management. Wetroo directly connects to lead sources such as Facebook Lead Ads, IndiaMART Lead Generation, JustDial, Google Ad Lead Forms, WordPress contact forms, and many more - no need to configure and manage another platform just to access your leads.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the ultimate sales execution platform tailored for high-velocity sales teams.

Our singular goal is to minimize the time sales representatives dedicate to operational tasks, allowing them to focus solely on engaging with customers. Through hyper-automation, customer journey design, and regimentation, we eliminate distractions and maximize productivity. Our commitment lies in ensuring that sales reps can devote 100% of their efforts to building relationships and driving sales. With our platform, sales teams can streamline their workflows, optimize their processes, and achieve unparalleled efficiency in their day-to-day operations.

The Idea

The goal of launching this platform is to offer clients a smart marketing tool that automates lead management. It prevents losing client data and follow-ups. Forgetting to follow up with clients and losing leads is a big problem. Using different tools for Email, SMS, and WhatsApp, and collecting leads manually from various sources also poses challenges. With Wetroo, managing leads is now simple. You can manage all your leads without any hassle and track each follow-up and closure.

That’s how the idea for Wetroo is born.

Our Management Team

Mike Hardson

Chief Exicutive Officer

David Schwimmer

Senior Software Engineer


Simplify schedule to improve productivity.

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