LinkedIn Scraper: Get Millions of Data Records

Export LinkedIn contacts to CSV file with lots of important data available including email addresses, phone numbers and more – in just a few clicks with Wetroo LinkedIn profile scraper

Access Leads Data

View leads data in your personal “Leads” tab that allows you to group them by actions performed with these leads, filter by “campaign”, add notes and more

Export Data to CSV file

Download LinkedIn contacts in a CSV file with tons of valuable data included like full name, company, position, number of connections, email address, phone number and website URL

There's more in Wetroo

Manage Teams

Onboard your team members with just a few clicks, assign roles, upgrade and downgrade their plans in bulk, watch their...

Extra Safety Algorithm

Manage all your conversations in one easy-to-use place, take care of unread messages from your leads.


Watch your daily stats on main LinkedIn actions made from your account, view your recent activity, see metrics of each...

Respond to Leads

Manage all conversations in your smart inbox without leaving Dripify, take care of unread messages from your leads promptly, mark...

Create Drip Campaigns

Create a campaign, upload leads from LinkedIn Search or CSV file, and build your personal sales funnel with a sequence...

Ready to Launch your First Lead?

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