Why you need Telegram Marketing Softwares ?

Conquer Over Your Competitors

You can now use your competitors audience as your own audience and sell them your product/service. You can extract the audience you need from your competitors Channel & Group and add them to your Channel & Group in few minutes using the mentioned Professional Softwares. With more to say, you can send messages to each targeted user in Bulk with the Pro-Bulk Messaging Software.

Global Targeted Rich Audience

Users from all over the world are now using Telegram. We see more users active in Telegram than any other Social Media Platforms, this is because of the Telegram's most secured and encrypted privacy feature which no 3rd Party or a Security Agency can break. If you want any of your online services, sites or website that indulges forex, crypto and stocks trades etc to get traffic from Telegram than you are at the right platform. We provide Lifetime Guaranteed Softwares for your needs.

Establish Your Cashflow Source Of Income

With using all this Pro-Softwares and having a clear Goal to Run a Business on Telegram than you will be on your way of establishing a CashFlow generating Income Source for Lifetime.

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Yes, you can add 15k - 20k users in your channel/group without any issues. Both the softwares have inbuilt VPN/Proxy System and your traffic for spam will not be detected also when the users starts reporting your group/channel than the software already solves this before hand, where your account hash is set temporarily to new hash every time a new user is added once the 20k limit is reached the softwares will stop automatically and you can carry on the next day. You can add inactive users in your channel upto 100k per day with no such bans or issues as this will be bots accounts you will add directly from our servers.

No, your channel/group will not be deleted as your permanent account hash does not match the temporary hash used by the softwares. This mismatch will trigger nothing on Telegram servers and you can carry on your business forward without any hassles.

Yes, all the necessary changes Telegram makes will also affect our softwares. So, for this we provide necessary regular updates from time to time to our customers who have purchased the softwares. All the updates will be sent to the customers specified mail address or telegram specified username when the updates are released.

We are accepting Bitcoins and Altcoins Payments as well as Visa/Mastercard Payments via Payeer directly via us. You can pay via bitcoin & altcoins by clicking on Buy with Bitcoin and Altcoins button below each software tool, if you want to pay via Payeer than click on "Contact us to purchase using Payeer" and you will be able to purchase using these payment options directly from us. You can purchase bitcoins from LocalBitcoins, Paxful, Coinbase, Bitcoin and more other platforms that you can Search Google as per your country.

Yes, all the softwares you buy are for lifetime. No Renewal costs or anything.