• Published on 13 Oct 2023

How do you select the right marketing automation solution?

Let's add a touch of automation to your business marketing in 2023 to take it to the next level. Marketing automation is a miraculous event for your company. However, a quick search of the market reveals that there are over 10,000 marketing automation options accessible.

So, how do you choose your company's best marketing automation solution? A business owner must examine numerous criteria such as business type, scale, working team, pattern, and so on when selecting the correct marketing automation solution. In this blog, we'll go through some of the important factors to consider when choosing the best marketing automation solution for your company.

What Is The Current Need & Estimate Future Needs

The most fundamental aspect considered before making any business decision is the necessity for a specific thing or activity to occur. The constantly shifting market demands are as dynamic as the corporate environment. Therefore, it's crucial to know your company's needs now and in the future when choosing a marketing automation technology.

For instance, you can choose the appropriate solution by taking into account your present demands for team performance analysis, email marketing, reporting, and campaigning. Additionally, you will need customization based on client segmentation and other future demands, such as the need for new channels. Making the best choice depends on properly assessing your needs.

Most Preferred Channels Of Communication

Numerous contemporary marketing channels are available for connecting with customers and opening up a communication channel. The most often employed form of marketing communication is email. There are additional channels accessible as well, including SMS, push notifications, in-app messaging, and WhatsApp Business Integration. Your firm's most significant channel requirements should be considered while you search for marketing automation software.

Level Of Personalization Possible

Personalization is the process of enhancing an experience by bringing in a human touch. The ideal marketing automation tool enables you to develop tailored programs (Email, SMS, Push, In-App) that maintain target leads' interest and help them qualify more quickly and easily. So, another essential feature to look for in a CRM-LMS application is customization.

Marketplace Integrations

One of the most important elements to consider when selecting a marketing automation solution for your company is integrations, which assist in obtaining leads from various sources. To choose the platform that offers integration of all the marketplaces or platforms you want, you must first understand your business type and the markets where you want to list. Find an automated platform that offers integration with all, for instance, if you want leads from IndiaMART, JustDial, Sulekha, Housing, 99acres, TradeIndia, MagicBricks, API, and so on.   

Multiple Capabilities For Improved Results

Tools for marketing automation are always capable of doing many tasks. Therefore, checking whether the software you choose is compatible with new developments and updates per your business needs is crucial. Having software with a variety of functions will undoubtedly benefit your company in the long term by generating higher income and improved CLV.

Campaign Delivery Support

Since campaigning emails sometimes end up in spam folders, you should ensure that the program you select has good, attentive delivery success support. For instance, if your sent emails end up in the spam folder, you should have a responsive support team that responds to your inquiry immediately and ensures that your emails reach the inbox. Therefore, strong campaign delivery assistance is a key feature of solid marketing automation software.

Onboarding And Customer Support

You must strategically onboard with dedicated teams that offer thorough software training and support according to your business needs once you purchase the software. The team will comprehend your business case study, identify the use case, and help you integrate the software into your system appropriately. 

Choose The Relevant Platform For Your Company

With the help of the marketing automation platform Wetroo, marketers can now offer tailored services to customers. It enables businesses and online retailers to interact with customers through channels including chat and SMS and retargeting advertisements and email at all times and places. Find out how Wetroo can assist you in optimizing your email marketing.

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